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Becker Delta Core Sportster Tennis Racquet


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Boris Becker

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Becker Delta Core Sportster Racquet (Model #b11001)

The replacement to the Becker V1 Midplus, the Becker Delta Core Sportster is built for speed, built for power, built with the inspiration of a grand slam champion (see Boris Becker), the Sportster is the essential choice for the modern player. Providing exceptional stability for such a light and maneuverable racquet, the Sportster provides a solid feel and allows for maximum racquet head speed through the hitting zone. It's true that the Sportster excels from the baseline, yet its finely tuned balance also makes it an ideal choice for players who like to attack the net. Volleys leave the racquet with a crisp and clean feel. On serve, there's easy access to spin and all the control needed for confidence and consistency. Play with speed, play with power, let the Sportster be your inspiration.

Ideally suited for players with medium, powerful strokes.

Recommended for the 3.0-4.5 NTRP level players.

Sensor Plus Shaft Dampening: This shock-absorbing element made of high-grade vibration-inhibiting EVA material was fitted into the shaft. It absorbs a major part of vibrations before it reaches the handle of the racquet.

Sensor Handle System:

A new dimension in shock and vibration dampening thanks to a perfect blend of high-tech materials. Two-part racquet shaft and TechnoGel provide ideal shock dampening. The EVA, which surrounds the shaft, offers optimal vibration dampening.