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Tennis Racquet Technology

Tennis racquets have evolved over the generations, from using only bare hands in the 11th or 12th century to today`s racquets full of technology like Graphite Tungsten. The evolution from flesh racquets to the technology-packed racquets of today, was not quick. Tennis racquets have been changed and updated over hundreds of years. From cumbersome wooden tennis racquets with tear-drop shaped heads to the extremely oversized head racquets to the widebody design, tennis racquets are constantly changing to enhance the game of tennis even more.

By the 14th century, tennis racquets started evolving, the Italians began using a wooden frame and strings composed of gut. These racquets had long handles and small, oval shaped heads. Metal tennis racquets entered the tennis world as early as 1889 but it never gained much popularity among players until 1967 when Wilson produced the T2000 which was stronger and more light-weight than metal racquets. By 1980, tennis players basically had two choices of tennis racquets; cheap aluminum racquets or the more expensive ones composed of graphite or composite. Wood tennis racquets became obsolete. They no longer offered anything to the game but have become collectibles.

Tennis racquet manufacturers didn’t stop with the discovery of a more durable frame. They have evaluated and advanced every part of the racquet, from the frame composition to the string grommets, creating lighter, faster and more powerful sticks that have revolutionized the game.

Babolat Racquet Technologies

Each Babolat tennis racket is packed with technological innovations, not just one, but several. This year’s new line of rackets has technologies that other manufacturers have yet to replicate. Read more about these Babolat Racket Technologies here.

Head Racquet Technologies

YOUTEK Technology - combines superior technologies to perfectly match your individual needs. YouTek combines superior technologies to perfectly match your individual needs. Whether your game is aggressive and adventurous or consistent and smooth, YouTek™ enhances your performance and brings out the best in you.
d3o - a smart frame inlay material. The specially designed molecules in d3o™ react on different impacts within nano seconds. They stay soft during slow hits and lock together on hard strokes. With this behavior, d3o™ is able to sense the needs of your play and adapts to you. It provides maximum power as well as softer touch for a better feel.
Graphene XT - the world’s lightest and strongest material.  In the construction of HEAD racquets, it enables a redistribution of weight from the shaft of the racquet to the end of the grip.  This allows the weight generated more kinetic power using less effort.
Metallix Technology - a specially designed matrix of carbon fibers and a new crystalline metal alloy.
Microgel Technology - uniformly distributes the impact load around the frame.
Liquidmetal Technology - is 2 1/2 times stronger than titanium and delivers 29% more power. Liquidmetal material is applied to four strategic areas of the racquet’s head and it is the only material that utilizes all the energy your swing generates. No energy is lost on ball impact due to its liquid atomic structure.
Total Sweetspot Construction - makes every shot feel like you’ve hit the sweetspot. Total Sweetspot Construction extends the sweetspot throughout the entire racquet head resulting in ultimate control.
Crossbow Technology - features a 2-piece racquet: the frame and the bridge.
Flexpoint Technology - gives the racquet a revolutionary new flexpoint.
Protect System - reduces strain on the elbow and leads to significant alleviation of pain.

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