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Babolat Y Racket Technology

Babolat Y Racket Technology

An exclusive design in Babolat Rackets which connects the yoke and head for more power and precision. Dual racquet construction means 2 complementary graphite structures give greater power, maximum precision, and very consistent energy absorption at ball impact. Y was engineered and designed for the club level player. Y is used in the Babolat Y line of rackets.

Side Drivers

Longer arms extend the yoke farther up each side of the racquet. These arms (Side Drivers) create a stiffer construction and distribute maximum power from the base of the yoke to the middle of the head. Advanced precision comes from the connection of the Side Drivers to the racquet head at three o’clock and nine o’clock, which results in less torque (or twisting) at ball impact.

Dual Graphite Construction

In the Yoke, a high-modulus graphite structure with two times the stiffness of standard graphite equals increased power. In the head, an exclusive crystal graphite material engineered by Babolat provides enhanced torque resistance leading to more precision.

Cellular Grommet System

Combining a hard internal part and a soft external part, this integrated dual-material grommet system creates more consistent and balanced energy absorption at ball impact for more comfort.

The Babolat Pure Drive Rackets, Babolat Aero Racquets, Babolat Pure Storm Racquets, Babolat Y Racquets, Babolat Drive Z Racquets, Babolat XS Racquets and a fine selection of Babolat junior rackets, all use the above technologies.