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Head Flexpoint™ Tennis Racquet Technology

Traditional design has typically made racquets stiffer and stiffer. That’s fine for power – but what good is all the power in the world if you can’t control the ball? The question is:

How do we harness maximum power and control it?
Since the beginning of tennis, the racquet has bent in the same way on impact. Now everything has changed; racquets with HEAD Flexpoint™ technology are the first to flex in a whole new way.

Flexpoint™ technology

Powered by Liquidmetal®, Flexpoint™ technology is breaking the rules of traditional racquet design with two precisely engineered control holes … giving the racquet a revolutionary new flexpoint.

Traditional racquet bending: Power without control. Racquet with patented HEAD Flexpoint™ technology: Power In Control.

Cupping Effect

The illustration shows the movement of the racquet during ball impact. The racquet forms a ”cup” that surrounds the ball. Dwell time is increased and control is maximized. To visualize this, think of how your hand cups a ball. This cupping effect produces control like never before, with no loss of power.

Just a racquet with two holes?

Hole + Dimple = Flexpoint™

These two newly designed holes, positioned at 3 and 9 o’clock on the racquet head, work together to bring power in control. The dimple is engineered to create flexibility by reducing beam height by a maximum of 25 %. The hole increases sectional flexibility up to 50%.

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