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Head MicroGel Tennis Racquet Technology

Modern Tennis Conquers The Court
Faster-paced and more aggressive, tennis has changed. New techniques have evolved: expanded use of spin, faster, more aggressive swing styles, and more versatility in footwork and hitting stances. These “modern tennis” techniques can produce huge gains in performance, but also make huge demands on equipment. Today’s aggressive players want products that are up to the challenge, and HEAD’s innovative new MicroGel™ technology delivers.

Microgel Provides a Rock-solid Feel and Touch:

With the lowest density of any material, HEAD MicroGel™ is a revolutionary new silicone-based material. HEAD has combined MicroGel ™ with stiff and strong carbon composite fibers to create a racquet with incredible responsive qualities. On ball impact, MicroGel™ uniformly distributes the impact load around the frame to provide the most rock-solid feel and superior touch ever achieved in the game.

What happens during ball impact?

MicroGel™ deforms and compresses, absorbing and dispersing the impact to the entire frame, then returns quickly to its original shape. HEAD’s new Extreme racquets have an increased head width, which can allow the ball to slide further across the stringbed for unmatched spin generation. The increased head width causes the ball to come off the strings with much greater spin, allowing a larger distance between the net and the ball’s flight path.

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