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Prince Silver LS 118 Tennis Racquet


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Prince Silver LS 118 Tennis Racquet (Model #7T36P-301)

The Prince Silver LS 118 brings alot of the comfort and feel of the Premier 115 but with less technology it is less expensive.  This racquet offers a generous sweet spot, awesome power and a dampened, comfortable feel at impact. It features Prince's O3 technology, an innovative racquet design that replaces pinhole grommets with large O-Ports for more string movement. The result is an aerodynamic frame that offers faster racquet head speed and a very responsive string bed. The light weight offers easy handling and the open string pattern allows for more spin. Although it features a head-heavy balance for more punch on shots, it really is a very maneuverable frame and will perform well for all-court players. This frame is best suited for beginners and intermediates with slow to moderate swing styles. Recommended for levels 1.0+

O3 Technology:
-O-Ports provide total string freedom
-Increases sweetspot size by 54%
-Generates a livelier response across the entire stringbed
-Dramatically improves play for all player levels
-O-Ports reduce drag, producing faster swing speeds
-Increases power from anywhere on the court
-Provides maximum maneuverability