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Babolat Smart Grip Racket Technology - Babolat Grips

Babolat Smart Grip Tennis Racquet Technology

Smart Grip - Just one of many great technologies used on Babolat Rackets. Babolat’s innovative idea is to shape the racket handle to match the shape and contour of the human hand which allows maximum contact between hand and grip. More natural shape provides greater comfort and feel allowing hitting with less effort and stress. There is less grip rotation which provides greater control. Smart Grip certainly sets out Babolat rackets from the competition. Smart Grip is used on the the new Drive Z rackets.

The Babolat Pure Drive Rackets, Babolat Aero Racquets, Babolat Pure Storm Racquets, Babolat Y Racquets, Babolat Drive Z Racquets, Babolat XS Racquets and a fine selection of Babolat junior rackets, all use the above technologies.

Learn more about which of Babolat’s huge line of tennis rackets and discover which might be best for you using the RacquetPro racket selector tool.