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Babolat Xtra Sweetspot Racket Technology

Babolat Xtra Sweetspot Racket Technology

Tolerance and versatility are the keynotes of the XS Sweetspot. For intermediate or recreational players as well as younger competitors who will enjoy the power and feel of this racquet. Those Babolat Rackets that utilize the Xtra Sweetspot technology provide more forgiveness on off center shots.

Based on a highly innovative plastic parts design. Located on opposite sides of the frame, XS combines High Tech Pebax with a unique design of plastic parts that significantly enlarge the sweet spot. Extension of the sweet spot results is greater tolerance, increased trampoline effect for greater power, and longer ball contact time with the strings for greater comfort and control.


  • Perfect for Intermediate, Recreational and Young Players, XS expands the hittable area of the racket strings to allow the player to return more shots, and with more power on certain areas of the racquet head. Rackets without XS Technology have a smaller sweetspot which requires the player to hit the ball more squarely in the center of the racket head. Shots that hit the side of the string bed where response is dead, are likely to be mis-hits. Such off center hits are common with club level players and youngsters. XS Sweetspot can mean longer rallies and more fun.

The Babolat Pure Drive Rackets, Babolat Aero Racquets, Babolat Pure Storm Racquets, Babolat Y Racquets, Babolat Drive Z Racquets, Babolat XS Racquets and a fine selection of Babolat junior rackets, all use the above technologies.