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Becker 11 Junior Tennis Racquet


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Boris Becker

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Becker 11 Junior (Model #245068)

The Boris Becker 11 Junior is a lightweight carbon tennis racquet offering young players just the right transition from a junior to an adult model. Featuring technologies not usually found in junior racquets, this is a great choice for the up and coming player.

Boasting an effective Comfort Handle System, this racquet will start young players off with a game that is gentle on their arms. Besides the comfort features, the Energy Shaft and Energy Box technologies are both integrated for increased torsion stability and a boosting power just like the adult models.

Comfort Handle System: This system is premised upon the interaction of differing materials in the handle. TPR and a layer of EVA give you maximum comfort with ideal vibration and shock absorption.

Energy Shaft: Special engineering with asymmetric triangular profile and built-in fabric made of Titanium and Lite Carbon™. The Energy Shaft stabilizes the shaft zone of the racquet while boosting flexural strength. That adds up to lower energy loss and greater performance with every swing.

Energy Box: An entire system of frame reinforcements made of Titanium and Lite Carbon™. This blend of materials has a stable box-shaped geometry on the right- and left-hand side of the racquet head (at 5 & 7 o'clock). Four graduated Energy Boxes with differing strengths on both sides boost the sweet spot to give the tennis racquets an enormous increase in stability.