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Gamma RZR 98T Tennis Racquet

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Gamma RZR 98T (Model #rgr9t)

The Gamma RZR 98T is designed for serious players looking for serious control and heft. Weighing in at just over 12 ounces, this stick is ideal for players looking to hit penetrating shots with pinpoint precision. The open string pattern gives this racquet ideal spin potential, and the weight allows for booming first serves and kick serves that will jump over the fence. This racquet is not for players seeking power, but instead for players looking to maximize control. The 100% graphite frame is fairly head light, allowing for more precision when aiming for corners or hitting angled volleys.

Gamma RZR racquets were designed to reduce drag allowing more acceleration and speed in the natural swing. The rounded radius surfaces, Tapered Bridge Beam, and Low Profile Bumper allow the RZR series of racquets to easily displace and channel air around the frame regardless of the angle of attack, improving racquet head speed on every shot.

Ideally suited for players with long strokes

Recommended for 4.5+ NTRP level players

RZR Advanced Aerodynamics: Unique geometric contoured shapes designed to deflect and streamline airflow around the RZR frame. These shapes provide the least amount of air resistance and drag, greatly enhancing maneuverability and racquet speed on all shots.

M Carbon: A composite matrix that increases strength at key points throughout the RZR frame. The result is an optimal combination of stiffness and flexibility that offers maximum power transfer on all shots.

Multi-directional Layering: Carbon sheets are layered in pre-calculated directions to precisely control the fiber angle in each area of the RZR frame. This ensures optimum strength and stiffness throughout the racquet.

Minimized Voids: RZR frames are made using a process that removes entrapped air from the composite matrix to minimize voids between fiber layers that can fatigue the structure. Minimized voids result in maximum frame durability and a solid, comfortable feel.