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Head Racquets : Liquidmetal

Liquidmetal® - Pure Energy. Perfect Power.™

The revolution begins with a new material never before used in modern racquet design: Liquidmetal®. HEAD revolutionizes tennis once again. With Liquidmetal the game will change in every respect. Benefits are enhanced by the Total Sweetspot Construction, NoShox Dampening System and Integrated String Dampener.

Liquidmetal® technology

The Liquidmetal material is applied to four strategic areas of the racquet’s head and is the only material that utilizes all the energy your swing generates. Due to its liquid atomic structure, no energy is lost on ball impact.
Liquidmetal® makes the difference
The secret of Liquidmetal’s performance is its liquid atomic structure. Compared to conventional metals, it offers advantages that are far beyond today’s racquet technology.
Liquidmetal®: The unique Liquidmetal atomic structure does not deform on impact, resulting in ultimate energy return.
Titanium: Standard atomic structure deforms on impact, causing extreme energy loss.
The benefit to every player: The unique Liquidmetal atomic structure is 2 1/2 times stronger than titanium and delivers 29% more power.

Total Sweetspot Construction (TSC) helps for ultimate performance.

Through its innovative corrugated structure, Total Sweetspot Construction increases torsional stability in the racquet head. Corrugation enhances surface rigidity for optimum strength and stiffness under pressure. Flat surfaces show significantly less rigidity and strength. Total Sweetspot Construction (TSC) extends the sweetspot throughout the entire racquet head resulting in ultimate control. Now every shot feels like you’ve hit the sweetspot.

More LiquidMetal Features:

NoShox for more comfort
The NoShox Dampening System consists of a newly developed memory foam integrated into the racquet handle. NoShox significantly reduces racquet vibrations by more than 27% compared to conventional racquets. Now, even the most powerful game is easy on the arm.
ISD for great comfort, perfect sound
HEAD’s Integrated String Dampener, fixed onto the grommets, reduces string vibration. The result: superior comfort for the arm and a perfect sound and feel every time.

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