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Head Racquets : Metallix


HEAD Metallix™

Made of a specially designed matrix of carbon fibers and a new crystalline metal alloy. This alloy’s grain-size is 1000 times smaller than that of a typical metal*. The decreased grain size means increased performance, or, as the Hall-Petch Effect states: smaller grains = stronger material. The result is a lighter, stronger and more powerful racquet than ever before.


HEAD Stabilizer

The new HEAD Stabilizer eliminates racquet vibration and ensures the ultimate in comfort on every shot.

HEAD LMS By lowering the bridge section in a unique new throat design, HEAD’s LMS (Longer Main String) design creates a larger hitting surface without making the racquet any bigger. The player benefits from the larger sweet spot and better maneuverability.

Do It Tennis has a wide selection of Head tennis racquets from which to choose. Or visit our tennis racquets page for a wider selection of avaliable Head technologies.