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Gamma 5003 6-PT Stringing Machine

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Gamma 5003 6-PT Stringing Machine (Model #mg53)

Do It Tennis Complimentary Package:

- 12 sets of Gamma String
- 1 Gamma Replacement Grip
- 1 Gamma Overgrip
- 1 Gamma Vibration Dampener
- 1 Gamma Racquet Accessory
- USRSA Stringing Tutorial
- USRSA Racquetech Magazine

* Manual spring tension winder (9-90lbs/4-43kg) tension range.
* Patented rotational string guide.
* Diamond coated string gripper.
* 6 point Quick Mount System featuring a top-side clamp down system to minimize obstructions that can snag string.
* Quick action rotating swivel string clamp bases.
* Slim profile all metal diamond coated string clamps with a unique self locking adjustment knob to hold strings with less clamping pressure.
* 360 degree turntable rotation.
* Large tool tray.
* Height adjustable 36" to 48".
* Custom cover sold seperately.
* 5 year limited warranty.


Quick Mount System:
6 point mounting system (10 support point) featured on the GAMMA 5003 and all Progression II machines, provides maximum racquet support to mount racquets quickly and securely without special adapters.
A. Adjustable shoulder supports rotate to fit flush against the racquet surface to maximize support and minimize stress on the frame.
B. Mounting arms adjust independently to secure the frame for stringing.
C.Stands move in and out to accommodate all racquets without needing special adapters.

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