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Prince EXO3 Tour 100 - 18x20 Tennis Racquet Review

June 2nd, 2011 by Graham Theriault

filed in Tennis Product Reviews, Tennis Racquet Reviews


- An attractive paint job with nice shiny metallic orange EXO grommets.  Also a thin beam (21mm) and solid weight yet whippy and maneuverable. I couldn't wait to hit with the Tour 100, the headsize, 100 sq inches, and large round sweet spot looked like it would provide a fun demo ahead.  I wasn't disappointed.

- The Tour 100 18x20 felt consistent and solid on forehands and backhands especially.  It was very spin friendly and had less depth on shots then it sibling the 16x18 providing more margin on my shot, which I appreciated.  It oozed with confidence thanks to the large strike zone on this thing.  And it perfected top spin forehands and hard sliced backhands equally well which really impressed me and flat out made my wife want to switch her regular…



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