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SKLZ Gyro Swing Trainer (Right Hand)


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SKLZ Gyro Swing Trainer (Right Hand) (Model #GY01-000)

Improve your golf swing by feeling the correct swing plane and release. For the first time, you can feel the perfect golf swing instead of worrying about techniques and instruction. The gyroscope in the club head forces your swing to stay on plane and grooves a perfectly timed release.

-20,000 RPM gyroscope ingrains the “feel” of the perfect golf swing
-Helps cure hook and slice problems with coming over the top and casting
-Provides resistance when swings go off-plane or have an early wrist release
-Gyroscope encased in a metalwood head for protection and realistic visual experience
-Includes see-through grip guide for ideal hand placement
-Dual-color shaft visually reinforces that you’re swinging on plane
-Gyro Swing includes rechargeable batteries and accompanying battery re-charger pack, Rick Smith instructional DVD (includes product usage guidelines, golf instruction fundamentals and Gyro Swing drills) and Head Cover