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SKLZ Swing Accelerator Driver - Weighted Training Club


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SKLZ Swing Accelerator Driver - Weighted Training Club (Model #SAD01-000-02)

Hittable Weighted Club. Finally, a weighted club that gives you good feel instead of seeming like a heavy block in your hands… and you can hit balls with it. The patented internal weighting system provides true club balance and weighting.

- Increases distance – longer straighter shots
- Increases strength & flexibility of golf-specific muscles
- Ideal for warmup or staying in shape during the off-season
- Can hit balls – improve actual swings rather than just practice swings
- Ingrains the feel of the correct swing path and improved ball contact
- 460cc weighted driver head
- Patented shaft weighting technology (internal material in shaft) harnesses the power of centrifugal force and gives a real club feel
- Gives audible cues on out-of-rhythm swings
- Patented see-through grip graphics for ideal hand placement