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Wilson Steam 99 Tennis Racquet


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Wilson Steam 99 Racquet (Model #wrt71521u)

The Wilson Steam 99 BLX is a more controlling version of the Wilson Steam 100 BLX, offering a versatile, very spin friendly longer length design that appeals to a wide array of players. It has a 24mm flat beam design, spin oriented 16x18 string pattern, and weighs in at 11.2 oz. strung. It has a 99 square inch head and a nice big sweetspot. Ideal for intermediate to advanced players that are looking for the perfect combination of power and control. Also features a slightly head light frame, offering excellent maneuverability and control from all over the court.  This racquet uses Wilson BLX technology for increased contact between the ball and strings, larger sweetspot and increase control and spin.

Ideally suited for players with moderate to full strokes. Recommended for the 3.5+ NTRP level players.

BLX Technology: stands for basalt, X stands for 9 extraordinary, proprietary technologies. BLX for the Perfect Feel.

Basalt: Basalt is a natural volcanic rock. It can be used in manufacturing where it is made into fine gold fibers with incredible vibration resistance. Wilson's new technology, BLX, has used these basalt fibers and woven them longitudinally with [K]arophite Black to create one of the most advanced composites in the industry.

With basalt, a smoother signal reaches the hand. BLX technology delivers clean feedback and better sensation for the Perfect Feel.

Amplifeel: Amplifeel is a handle technology which provides an even cleaner and enhanced feel in the racquet. Amplifeel also allows for a more customized handle system providing additional handle comfort to further support maximizing the feel in each racquet and player segment.