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Babolat Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racquet


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Babolat Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racquet (Model #101340)


The Babolat Pure Drive Lite is the "best of all worlds", as it is the perfect combination of power, speed, and spin.  This amazing balance, along with its beautiful cosmetics, have made this high performance tennis racquet frame one of the most ubiquitous player's sticks around - you see them *everywhere* - and for very good reason.

In the hands of the beginner to intermediate to player, the Pure Drive Lite's feather-light 10.1 ounce weight is the lightest of the Pure Drive series' frames.  The 100 square inch head,16x19 spin-friendly string pattern, and 1 point head light balance lend themselves to newer players looking for an extremely maneuverable frame that will not hurt their arm or exacerbate previous injuries.  It's also wonderful for doubles specialists that need quick reactions at net and on returns.

The slightly thicker beam at 23mm/26mm/23mm and stiff frame (69 points) are perfect for creating extra energy return from frame to ball, which helps preserve your arm strength and energy when going deep into the 2nd and 3rd sets.

The frame is also packed to the gills with technologies that we will explore, in-depth, below.

Suited for players with medium-full strokes. 
(See "Specifications" tab for more detailed racquet information)

Pure Drive Technologies:

Babolat Woofer Dynamic String System WOOFER DYNAMIC STRING SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY: The Woofer Dynamic String System allows all of the strings to work together during a ball strike, as opposed to non-Woofer frames that only utilize a few of the strings on contact. The result is more spin, increased sweetspot size and forgiveness on off-centered shots.
Babolat Elliptic Geometry Pure Drive Aero Strike Tennis Racquet Racket ADVANCED FRAME SHAPE TECHNOLOGY: A technologically advanced frame shape keeps this stick from bending, twisting, and torsional flexing. The result is a stiffer frame with exceptional power return and added precision, even on bit cuts at the ball.
FSI Power Technology Spin WIDER CROSS STRINGS WITH DIAMOND SHAPED GROMMET HOLES: The wider spacing between cross strings allows for more snapback, and thus, increased power. The revolutionary diamond shape of the grommet holes allows for an increased range of string movement. This results in more power and comfort.
Cortex Pure Feel CORTEX PURE FEEL: A viscoelastic rubber layer is applied in between carbon layers, resulting in amazing vibration and shock absorption.

Learn More About Babolat Tennis Racquet Technologies Here