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Bakko Indoor Free Standing Tennis Rebound Net 7.9' x 12.5'



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Bakko Indoor Free Standing Tennis Rebound Net 7.9’ x 12.5’ (Model #bin)

This indoor freestanding net is 12.5’ overall width, 7.9’ high allowing net to fit in garages, basement, etc. with 8’ ceilings. Support feet project 4’ forwards and backwards. Perfect for winter practices for colder climates. Also preferred for driveways by those who do not like elevated nets. Retail stores and racket exhibitors at tennis shows prefer this model to demonstrate tennis rackets.

Please note: If ceiling is only 8’ high, serves and smashes cannot be practiced.

Net size is 7’x11’ stretched inside strong green steel tubular frame with solar resistant heavy bungee cords. Net backboards do not have the lively rebound of a fiberglass backboard but are absolutely quiet, less expensive and can be assembled in an hour. One stands closer to a net backboard due to absorbed rebound and therefore doesn’t require a sizable hitting area. Bakko’s research shows a 7’x11’ net size, stretched in a frame, perfectly fits most driveways or two fence post on a tennis court. Many tennis professionals will start beginners on a net backboard due to the snappy bounce off a fiberglass backboard. It can be too lively and frustrating to a small child. Even some experienced players prefer a net backboard. Excellent for repeated service practice from 39’. Net and elastic cords are replaceable. Popular for driveways, tennis courts or any open flat surface.

Click this link to download assembly instructions.