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Tennis Tutor Shot Maker Deluxe w/ Multi Remote

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Tennis Tutor Shot Maker Deluxe w/ Multi Remote (Model #3193)

The Tennis Tutor Shot Maker Deluxe is versatile and user-friendly with all the features of the standard model. Its additional specifications will enhance the game of any player. Due to its dependability, it is used by the tennis pros at the Association of Tennis Professionals Training Center in Florida.

Quick Set Up

Quick Set-up offers one-touch shot selection based on the player’s ability. Push the button matching your skill level, and Shot Maker will send a pre-programmed shot to the middle position at an appropriate interval. If you do not want the pre-programmed shots, use the Quick Set-Up buttons to adjust the shot positions.


The Tennis Tutor Shot Maker Deluxe model can be coded to shoot balls in a pattern of up to six shots with each shot directed to any of seven different court positions (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) shown on the tennis court diagram, or to a random position. If a shot selector switch is set to OFF, it will not be included in the shot pattern. Indicator lights show the active shot position.

Player Mode

Player Mode’s (patent pending) easy-to-push buttons act as your opponent. Push Player Mode, on either the Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced buttons. It will then automatically select an appropriate speed and spin, alter both the side-to-side position and the depth of shots as if your opponent had that ability. The side-to-side position and depth of each shot are digitally programmed to simulate the shot patterns of actual players. You may individualize the settings by increasing or decreasing the elevation, speed, or spin.

Shot Program Memory

The Shot Program Memory stores shot sequences for your favorite court drills, and allows you to recall them when you like. It retains every setting on the control panel including Speed, Elevation, Spin, Interval, and Shot Pattern. You can store up to nine shot programs and users can encode their favorite settings.

Two-Function Remote Control

The ‘Ball Feed’ button starts and stops the ball delivery while the 'Oscillator' button controls the shot program. When the shot program stops, Shot Maker throws balls only to the sole position where the program was stopped.

- Ball capacity: 300
- 6 shot/7 position programming
- Player simulation at any level
- Adjustable trajectories from groundstroke to lob
- Max. speed: 95 MPH
- Electronic elevation control
- On/off ball feed remote control
- Ball feed interval: 1 to 6 seconds
- Adjustable spin from topspin to underspin
- 96 LBS
- 120 watts maximum
- 3 year limited warranty on parts and labor (NOT including battery)

For a top-of-the-line ball machine, the Tennis Tutor Shot Maker Deluxe is your tool to train like a true champion.