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Nova NovaCoat 5 Gallon Pail



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Nova NovaCoat 5 Gallon Pail (Model #cncs5)

NOVACRYLIC COMBINATION SURFACE is a factory mixed blend of Novacoat and Novafil supplied in a concentrated form so that only water need be added prior to application on asphalt or Portland cement tennis courts. This product is perfect for both new court and recoat work.

DILUTION- Minimum of 15-Gal water up to 21-Gal water to 30-Gal of Combination coating

TYPICAL APPLICATION-2 or 3 coats Combination surface

RECOATING-2 Coats Combination surface

NEW WORK- (optional) 1 coat Novasurface acrylic resurfacer, 2 or 3 coats Combination surface

SPREADING RATE- 0.05625 gallons per sq. yd., per coat // 160 - 190 sq. ft. per gallon, per coat
1 court (60’ x 120’) requires 80-100 gallons for two coats

PACKAGED QUANTITY- 5 gallon pail, 30 gallon drum, 275 gallon tote

NOVACOURT is a high solids, 100% acrylic coating system that is designed for the court owner who is seeking a quality tennis surface, and is willing to contribute muscle power to lower the cost of the project.

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