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HEAD Graphene 360 Speed 26 Junior Tennis Racquet

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HEAD Graphene 360 Speed 26 Junior Tennis Racquet (Model #235308)


The newest model in the Head line of performance racquets is the Graphene 360 Speed Junior 26" Inch Tennis Racquet.  It has all of the bells, whistles, and technology of the adult rackets, but in a one-inch shorter frame (most adult frames are 27" inches long).  It has received quite a few upgrades from its predecessor, Graphene Touch Speed Junior 26" (see graphics below for more information).  Head re-engineered these frames with less dampening material for a much more crisp ball feel, and the Graphene 360 material provides extremely high levels of energy transfer from frame to ball.  The stringbed has also been improved for increased control and spin, even on huge cuts at the ball.  The spin-friendly 16x19 string pattern adds the revolutions per second advanced juniors require, while the wider cross strings allow more lateral movement of the mains for even better spin generation, yet.  The result is a true player's stick with amazing feel, access to massive amounts of spin when necessary, and plenty of firepower, which saves their young arms and energy going into the 2nd and 3rd sets.  This provides quite a competitive advantage, especially during tournaments where they will, hopefully, play up to 3 matches per day - if they keep winning.

The 100 square inch head size, along with its solid 9.4 ounce strung weight and 0.4 point head light balance are perfectly tailored for control, maneuverability around the net, and spin generation, satisfying the most advanced junior players among us. The beam width is perfectly balanced for juniors at 24mm/24mm/24mm so it will not provide uncontrollable power, allowing them to hit out on their shots - something juniors must master when transitioning to the high school and college games. (see "Specifications" and "Video" tabs for more information)

Finally, the upgraded, asymmetrical black and white cosmetic of the Graphene 360, along with the see-through carbon fibers at the top of the head make this racket look as stunning as it plays.  Your opponent will take one look at your choice of stick and know they're in for a serious battle - then after being defeated, ask you where to purchase their own.

Suited for junior players, ages 10-12 with full strokes. 
(See "Specifications" tab for more detailed racquet information)

New Graphene 360 Technologies:

Yonex Isometric VCORE Spin Technology Denis Shapalov Tennis Racket Racquet Advanced Juniors Men Women Ladies AMPLIFY YOUR ENERGY: Forming the structural base of the racquet, Graphene 360 - a space-age carbon material arranged in a hexogonal lattice - has been strategically embedded into the shaft and racquet head in order to stabilize the frame from twisting and torsionally flexing.  It also allows for extreme energy transfer from frame to ball, which maximizes the power of your game.
Yonex Isometric VCORE Spin Technology Denis Shapalov Tennis Racket Racquet Advanced Juniors Men Women Ladies WIDER SPACING IN THE CROSS STRINGS: The cross strings in the 18x20 control-minded string pattern have been widened in order to offer extra spin and power on ever shot, while still maintaining the control expected from a more dense string pattern.
Yonex Aero Trench VCORE Spin Technology Denis Shapalov Tennis Racket Racquet Advanced Juniors Men Women Ladies SLEEK NEW DESIGN THAT'S SURE TO TURN HEADS: The new, fierce black and white cosmetic has been completed by the one-of-a-kind, see-through carbon fibers that can be found at the very top of the racquet head.  No other frame on the market looks and plays as beautifully as the Head 360 Graphene Speed.
Yonex Linear VCORE Spin Technology Denis Shapalov Tennis Racket Racquet Advanced Juniors Men Women Ladies UPDATED FRAME CONSTRUCTION: You spoke and Head listened. There's less of the dampening material, Kraibon, in the frame now, which translates into a much more crisp ball feel than the older Graphene Touch technology.