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Sports Tutor Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra Ball Machine

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Sports Tutor Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra Ball Machine (Model #Pickleball-Tutor-Plus-Ultra)

The Sports Tutor Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra Ball Machine is an adjustable pickleball machine that has years of refinement under its belt. Perfect for regional and national tournament players looking for that edge over the competition. With the Pickleball Tutor Plus Ultra, players get a hyper-realistic practice whenever they want. Coaches, court owners, and individuals can all benefit from having a portable, top-of-the-line ball machine in their corner. This machine includes all the features of the Plus model and also includes Preset Shots and Drills, Electronic Elevation with bar graph display and 2-Line function. This model has a Topspin/Underspin control, and is battery-powered.

Ball Speed - Variable ball speed from gentle tosses for beginners to 65 mph for competitive or professional play.
Ball Spin - A single dial to adjust the amount of topspin or backspin you want in your shots, making it ideal for tournament players who regularly face opponents that utilize a variety of shots with different spins
Ball Feed - Variable ball feed rate from one ball every second to one ball every ten seconds, making it super easy to create realistic gameplay.
Indoor and Outdoor Balls - The tutor works with both indoor pickleballs and outdoor balls.
Ball Hopper - Holds up to 110 pickle balls
Portable - Comes with 3-inch towing wheels and handle for easy transportation.
Rechargeable Battery - The built-in battery lasts up to four hours of playing time per charge.
Smart Battery Charger - Once the battery is fully charged, it shuts off automatically to prevent overcharging and the wasting of electricity.

Sports Tutor manufactures ball machines for many sports and their ball machines have been among the most popular in the world for decades. Properly maintained, the machine should last for many years.