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Babolat has Been and Continues to be a Favorite Among Tennis Players of All Levels

August 1st, 2012

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If you ask any player what their racquet brand of choice is, whether a pro or a beginner or weekend warrior, the odds are they will say Babolat.

The competition isn’t very close, because Babolat currently produces the two best selling racquets on the market, which are the two racquets I will be focusing on for this article. The Babolat Pure Drive and the Babolat Aeropro Drive are incredibly balanced racquets, providing excellent control, power, maneuverability, and feel. Whether you prefer to play from far behind the baseline or attack the net, these racquets have proven that you can achieve power as well as control from anywhere on the court.

The Pure Drive is the racquet of choice for pros like Andy Roddick and Kim Clijsters, and it has been virtually the same racquet for a decade with minor improvements and added technology with each new generation. The standard of this model, which is named the Pure Drive GT, has the middling 100 square inch head size, a balanced 10.6 ounce weight unstrung, and a slightly head light frame with an open string pattern to produce more spin. This racquet also comes in some different versions as well, including the Roddick edition, which features a heavier weight for the bigger hitters out there. The Pure Drive and the Pure Drive Roddick come available in a + version, which adds ½ inch to the length of the racquet to produce some extra power and provide additional reach. The Pure Drive also comes in a Lite version, as well as an oversize frame that is lighter as well for those who need the extra power or maneuverability when playing doubles. The cortex technology is implanted in all of these racquets, giving it a soft feel that is easy on the arm, keeping you fresh whether it’s the first point or the fifth set.

The Aeropro Drive is the only racquet that comes close to the Pure Drive in a popularity contest, which is funny because it actually shares many similar characteristics. The “stock” model is also 100 square inches, but the weight is slightly heavier at 10.8 ounces unstrung, is a tad more head light, but still has the open 16 x 19 string pattern that you see in the Pure Drive. This racquet is suited towards more aggressive players, with long, looping strokes that produce a lot of topspin. The construction of the racquet is more aerodynamic in the North-South direction, so top professionals that use a lot of topspin and power like Rafael Nadal and Jo wilfried-Tsonga, use this as their racquet of choice. This racquet comes available in a + version, which is ½ inch longer, as well as a Lite version that weighs in at 10 ounces unstrung, and a Team version, which is a tad lighter and has an even balance. This year they started to make the Roland Garros Edition of the Aeropro Drive and the Aeropro Drive Lite, which features a black/white/clay color instead of the black/white/green color of the original version. Babolat does make several other racquets that are very highly regarded if these frames don’t work out for you. The Overdrive 105 is geared more towards doubles players who don’t take as big of swings as other players. The Aero Storm series has a similar construction to the Aeropro series, but provides some extra control for advanced players looking for a competitive edge.

If you need a high quality, satisfaction guaranteed racquet that will improve your game no matter what type of player you are, then the Babolat line of tennis racquets is definitely for you.



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