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Tennis Racquet Review: Dunlop Biomimetic M 6.0

June 30th, 2013 by Do It Tennis

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Dunlop Biomimetic M 6.0

I want to start off by saying that I was pleasantly surprised by how the Dunlop Biomimetic M 6.0 tennis racquet played in every aspect of the game.  I was put off from the M 6.0 immediately because how light the racquet is and because the 102 square inch head size is a bit big for my liking, but I was impressed by the feel of the tennis racquet from the very first strike of the ball.  I did not understand how an ATP player like Robredo could use a tennis racquet like this, but after just one hitting session with the M 6.0 I wouldn’t be surprised to see more professionals using the Dunlop Biomimetic M Series tennis racquets.

I expected my groundstrokes to flying long on me with the M 6.0, but this was far from what happened.  I had tremendous control and feel on the groundstrokes and I found myself hitting my target spots with effortless swings of the tennis racquet.  I did have to work harder to get the power I wanted on my groundstrokes because of how light the racquet is but the racquet still had a player racquet feel to it.

My favorite aspect of the Dunlop M 6.0 tennis racquet is the way the racquet feels and plays at the net.  I found the M 6.0 to be very maneuverable up at the net for fast reaction volleys.  On the volleys that I had time to set up for the M 6.0 provided great “stick” for powerful volleys as well as great feel for placement and control.  I was able to create great angle and drop volleys because of the soft feel that the M 6.0 provides up at the net.

As for the serve, the racquet performed satisfactory.  The common theme I found with this tennis racquet is tremendous feel and control and this was no different on the serve.  I was able to place my serve where I wanted with ease and with plenty of power.  I just did not have the same pop on the serve that I have had with other tennis racquets or even the pop that I had on the groundstrokes and volleys with the M 6.0.

What is great about the Dunlop M 6.0 racquet is that you can purchase the tennis racquet as a beginner and your game would never really grow out of the tennis racquet.  The tennis racquet offers plenty of “pop” on the groundstrokes and volleys for doubles players and amazing control and feel for the full swings of the advanced singles players.  The M 6.0 is a solid choice for any level and style of player.

Micah Groom

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