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Tennis Racquet Review: Head YouTek Graphene Speed MP

May 6th, 2013

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Head Graphene Speed MP Tennis Racquet

The frame of the Head YouTek Graphene Speed MP is the lighter version of the racquet used by Speed Pro used by Novak Djokovic. As such it weighs 11.6 ounces strung and is also the standard 27 inches in length. This racquet also has a 16 (mains) x 19 (crosses) string pattern which in theory at least is to make the frame more spin-friendly.

The frame has a nice custom appearance; interesting use of black and white and brown to highlight different titles and high points and logos. But as with many racquets manufactured today, there are some serious performance issues for more advanced players.

This frame is easy to rally with. I had no problem feeding balls during lesson(s) and\or just hitting from the baseline and producing fairly well paced ground-strokes with a lot of topspin. The tennis racquet was solid on the volley and serve, and it was easy to hit lobs, chips and dink shots.

The main problem that I had with this frame is way more powerful than advertised; and that my elbow and forearm started to hurt after about five minutes of really trying to rip the ball or serve hard or be uber aggressive at the end of rallies. It is hard to explain but the basic ‘feel’ of the racquet is a little hollow and light; which is odd for a racquet which appears to be solidly constructed.

I imagine that one could add a lot of lead tape and make the thing feel more solid, but the key here would be adding enough. I think that the rating is just off. There is no way that a more advanced player is going to feel comfortable with this frame initially, unless they are already playing with a trampoline type frame.

I think that this racquet might be a good option for a player who is in the 3.5/4.0 range who is improving and looking for more control. Head says the power on this racquet is low, and my rebuttal would be by what standard?

I thought that this frame was very lively and I had trouble keeping the ball in the lines when I really went for shots. I think that this might be a useful frame for some players, but I think that Head overstates the range of possible players and understates the power that this racquet provides.

Mark Pinckney

Check out this video review of the Head YouTek Graphene Speed MP tennis racquet from Do It Tennis’ own Malek.