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Tennis Racquet Review: HEAD YouTek Graphene Speed Pro

June 25th, 2013 by Do It Tennis

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HEAD YouTek Graphene Speed Pro

I can’t say enough good things about this tennis racquet.  The Graphene Speed Pro is my racquet of choice as I upgraded from the IG Speed MP 18x20.  And when I say upgraded, I really do mean that.  Everything that was good about the IG Speed has been improved upon even more with the Graphene Speed.  I find that I have the same control, yet feel more power with the Graphene Speed Pro because of the slightly thicker beam.

The Graphene Speed Pro is a baseliner’s dream tennis racquet.  This racquet has the perfect combination of control, power, and spin.  I have a heavy spinning forehand and I find this racquet to fly smoothly through the air to allow me to create my heavy spin.  On the backhand side I tend to hit a little flatter and the weight of this racquet is perfect for driving through the stroke with some extra power behind the ball.  I am primarily a control player and the Speed Pro plays right with strength.  The amount of accuracy I have with this tennis racquet is incredible.

The one complaint I had is that the previous generation of HEAD’s Speed line was the lack of power I was able to generate on the serve.  Because of the thicker beam and the difference in weight distribution of the Graphene Speed Pro, I find myself generating more power on my serve with this racquet.  I find this to be the biggest improvement made to the Speed product line on the HEAD tennis racquet selection.

With the added Graphene technology, the Graphene Speed Pro has added feel and control up at the net.  My volleys are crisper and I have a softer feel up at the net as well. However, I do find the racquet to not be very maneuverable at the net.

I’d say this tennis racquet is meant for those who are a 4.5 level or higher.  This racquet is really meant for those who have good power on their shots already and are looking for something more on the control side.  Like I said before, this is a baseliner’s dream tennis racquet!

Micah Groom

Check out this video review of the HEAD YouTek Graphene Speed Pro from Do It Tennis’ own Malek.