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Tennis Shoe Review: Prince T22

September 18th, 2013 by Do It Tennis

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Tennis Shoe Review: Prince T22

“Wide Reputation”

4/5 stars

The Prince T22 tennis shoes have been a customer favorite for years.  The shoe is known for being comfortable and providing those with wide feet with a tennis shoe that gives them plenty of room in the toe box.  The tens shoe is also known for having great stability and above average cushioning.  The rest of this review will evaluate the Prince T22 tennis shoes based on four main components: comfort, foot support, durability and performance.

This is a very comfortable shoe, especially for those with wide feet searching for wide width tennis shoes.  The toe box of this tennis shoe is very wide and roomy and the shoe has a flexy and ventilated upper for maximum comfort.  When I give these tennis shoes to customers to try on the first words out of their mouth are almost always “Wow, these are comfortable shoes.” The shoe doesn’t look like much so I think it takes them by surprise but yes, it is a very comfortable shoe.

Because of this shoe having such a wide base, the Prince T22 tennis shoes are very stable as well.  I would put the Prince T22s in the same level as the Lotto Raptor Ultras and Adidas Barricades tennis shoes in terms of stability which is saying a lot.  The shoe is made with a high arch and with great arch support.  What is also great about these shoes is the heel comes up higher than most other tennis shoes so you do not have to worry about your heel feeling like it is slipping out of the shoe.  All of these features with the T22 produce a shoe with top of the line foot support in all aspects.

The Prince T22s are durable tennis shoes as well.  The outsole of the shoe lasted me longer than most other tennis shoes and there is no need to worry about toe drag because of Prince’s RASH toe cap.  Everything about the Prince T22 is very reliable and durable.

Almost every aspect of the Prince T22 tennis shoe lived up to its reputation.  The shoe lasted me longer than most other tennis shoes, I had no issues with foot support and it was a comfortable shoe for the most part.  I personally do not care for a high arch so that did bother me somewhat.  I expected better cushioning from the shoe as that is one of the areas that this shoe is known for.  There was plenty of cushioning in the uppers and in the forefoot of the shoe but not so much in the heel.  The only other complaint I have about the Prince T22 tennis shoe is it felt heavy and clunky on the court.  I just prefer a lighter shoe myself as my game is built around speed and quickness.  But if you have a wide foot and are having trouble finding a tennis shoe that works then this is no doubt the tennis shoe for you.

Micah Groom

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