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Wilson Blade 98S CV Tennis Racquet

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Wilson Blade 98S CV Tennis Racquet (Model #WRT73301U)

Wilson has taken it's best selling Blade 98 and added their Spin Effect Technology.  It's called the Wilson Blade 98S Countervail Tennis Racquet. An 18 Mains x 16 Crosses string pattern combined with a lighter swing weight helps generate an increase in spin and power.  This racquet grips the ball tightly before snapping it out of the stringbed with impressive force and tons of spin.

Ideally suited for players with aggressive, long strokes. Recommended for the 4.0+ NTRP level players

Countervail: Special Carbon Fiber that absorbs more impact and shock creating less fatigue and increasing recovery time.

Wilson X2 Ergo: A customizable handle shape that creates optimal personalized feel for the modern two-handed backhand.

Braided Graphite + Basalt: Wilson braids Basalt with carbon graphite fiber throughout the entire frame. Because of Basalt's elasticity, it allows the racquet's hoop to flex in ways that improve dwell time, feel and control.

Spin Effect Technology: Wilson’s revolutionary Spin Effect Technology  is the first racket system that increases the ball’s RPM by maximizing spin-enhancing string “snapback.”  More string movement + Faster snapback = More Spin.

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