Babolat Nadal Jr Tennis Racquet, Red Foam Tennis Ball Bundle

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Babolat Nadal Jr Tennis Racquet, Red Foam Tennis Ball Bundle (Model #NadalJr-501037)

Play your best tennis with Rafael Nadal’s namesake racket! The Babolat Nadal Junior tennis racket series is perfect for juniors of any age and height looking for a lightweight, maneuverable racquet, at the proper length, for little tennis players ages 5-10. These economical, beginner to intermediate rackets for children are made of a lightweight aluminum frame that’s easy to swing, and for long periods of time, without tiring or hurting their arm. They are available in 19, 21, 23, 25, and 26 inches, so they can be tailored to the appropriate age and height.

Send your child to the tennis court with everything they need to succeed!

This bundle comes with your choice of age specific, Babolat Play and Stay tennis balls:
Regulation (ages 10+): Standard regulation tennis balls - full court play
Green (ages 9-12): Slightly reduced bounce than a standard tennis ball - full court play
Orange (ages 9-10): More reduced bounce - reduced or singles court play
Red Felt (ages 5-8): Greatly reduced bounce and slower moving - small, abbreviated court
Red Foam (ages 5-8): Even slower moving than the felt balls - small, abbreviated court

RACQUET SELECTION: 19 inch frame is for ages 0-3 (height: 3ft - 3ft 6’); 21 inch frame is for ages 4-6 (height: 3ft 7’ - 3ft 10’); 23 inch frame is for ages 7-8 (height: 3ft 11’ - 4ft 5’); 25 inch frame is for ages 9-10 (height: 4ft 6’ - 4ft 11’); 26 inch frame is for ages 11-12 (height: 4ft 6’ - 4ft 11’)