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Tennis Buyers Guide

  • Court Installation Guide
  • Assembly Instructions
  • Racquet Technologies
  • Choosing Racquet
  • Choosing Bag
  • Tennis Shoe Technology
  • Shoe Size Charts
  • Apparel Size Charts
  • Tennis Glossary

Glossary of Tennis Words - Definitions of Terms
Are you a baseline player? Do you know the name of the area between the baseline and the service line? Have you ever hit the ball off your sweetspot? What is the difference between a lob and a smash? No, this isn’t a test; just a few of the tennis terms defined here for you so you can speak tennis with the best of them!

Tennis Racquets

Tennis Racquet Basics - FAQs
From the list of tennis racquets the pros use, and the proper way to grip your tennis racquet, to how to choose the best string type out of the 450+ types on the market today; get the answers to your most basic or advanced tennis racquet questions here. Do you know the advantages of a two handed backhand swing? How about the best racquet size if you are a power player? It’s all here!

Evaluating Tennis Racquets
Whether you are new to the exciting game of tennis, or no stranger to the courts, here you will find help in choosing the best racquet for your skill set and style of play. Considering the hundreds of tennis racquet choices available, choosing the right racquet for you can be overwhelming. Learn how to rate different racquets and how to “test drive” them before you buy through our Demo program.

Racquet Technologies
Smart Grip, Aero Modular, Liquidmetal, Cortex System Power Shaft and Flexpoint – what?! Buying a tennis racquet today is much like buying a new car; there is so much technology, most of which we have never heard. Learn how and why these tennis racquet technologies were created, how they will help advance your game, and bring you more comfort during play.

Choosing a Junior Racquet
Playing any sport with the proper equipment is key to sharpening your skill set; especially when you are a young player new to the game. Here you will find help in choosing a junior tennis racquet that is the age-appropriate weight and size to ensure you develop your skills correctly. Playing with a racquet that is too large or too heavy will result in poor quality play, frustration and a loss of interest in the sport.

Tennis Court

Tennis Court Dimensions
When building a home tennis court, it’s essential to ensure the dimensions of your court are accurate and correspond with the dimensions of an official tennis court. A detailed dimensions guideline, a list of the essentials needed to equip and maintain your home court, as well as information about purchasing tennis nets and court benches to surface coating and court coverings can all be found here.

Choosing a Tennis Net
One would think, a tennis net, is a tennis net, is a tennis net and choose a net on cost alone. However, there is much to consider when choosing the perfect tennis net for your court than cost. Choosing the right net will ensure a longer life-span for your net without it becoming an eye-sorer. Things to consider are how often you will use your court, how long you play, and the surface type of your court.

Comparing Tennis Net Features
Choosing the right tennis net for your court can be confusing and take some research. This side-by-side comparison chart of Courtmaster tennis nets will show you the differences between the Courtmaster Championship, DHS, HVY, Royale and Revolution Tidyfit. You will find detailed information about the headband, net body, weight, features, and price for each style. All the research you need is right here at your fingertips.

How to Install a Tennis Net
There is more to installing a tennis net than simply running some rope through the grommets and securing it to a couple of posts. These step-by-step instructions for internal or external wind posts, along with a detailed diagram, will walk you through the entire process from installing the lacing cord, to securing your tennis net to the posts at the proper height.

How to Install a Tennis Post
First things first; you can’t hang a tennis net without tennis posts installed with precision measurements for accurate net placement. This can be done following the three steps outlined here along with a detailed diagram to help you measure twice, install once. You will also find a helpful off-season tip for your tennis net and posts to protect them against the winter elements.

How to Install a Tennis Net Headband
Choosing the correct headband for your tennis net and installing it properly is as important as the initial installation of your tennis net. A beat up, weather battered headband will diminish the life of your tennis net and greatly affect the aesthetic of your tennis court as well. The process for replacing your tennis net headband is outlined in detail, along with assistance in choosing a polyester duck or vinyl headband.

Measuring Indoor Tennis Products
When planning to equip indoor tennis courts with backdrops, divider curtains, and pads, it’s always a good idea to begin with a written layout of your facility listing all the dimensions necessary to ensure you are purchasing the appropriate size and quantities of equipment. Sample diagrams are included as well as general guidelines, measurements, and requirements you will need to follow.

How to Install a Tennis Court Divider Curtain
Divider curtains between tennis courts provide the luxury of uninterrupted play from your neighbor’s tennis ball coming onto your court during play. Divider curtains, like tennis nets, do have installation measurements and standards for proper installation. These detailed guidelines and photos of properly installed divider curtains and backdrops will help ensure your divider curtains are installed accurately.

How to Install a Tennis Court Backdrop Curtain
Playing tennis on a windy day can wreak havoc to your game. Installing a backdrop around your court will keep you on the court on the windiest of days. Just like divider curtains and tennis nets, backdrop installation comes with its own standards and measurement specifications; all found here with photos of properly installed backdrops.

How to Choose a Tennis Windscreen
Windscreens provide a dark backdrop against which players can see better, they break up gusting winds, minimize annoying distractions, and give courts a professional appearance. This helpful guide will help you choose the right windscreen for your tennis court.

How to Install a Tennis Windscreen
Windscreens are a functional and aesthetic addition to your tennis courts. When installed properly, they can reduce environmental debris from settling on the court, improve gameplay by cutting crosswinds, and provide privacy for courts in public areas. Follow these step-by-step instructions will walk you through the process.

Tennis Shoes

Shoe Size Charts
All the information you need to determine the correct size shoe for you is right here; size charts, tips to ensure the correct fit for various types of athletic shoes, and how to properly measure your feet including helpful diagrams. Our women’s and men’s shoe size charts will accommodate you whether you are shopping with us from the U.S., Europe, or Japan. Our junior shoe size chart includes sizes for the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Japan.

Shoe Technology

Tennis Apparel

Apparel Size Charts
Wearing appropriately fitting sportswear is just as important as choosing the right tennis shoe or tennis racquet, as ill-fitting apparel can restrict your movements. Here you will find helpful tips for proper measurement and apparel charts for women’s, men’s, and kids size conversions for the US, UK, and EU. These charts include women’s sizes for shirts, sports bras, pants, and athletic shorts. For men, the charts include shirts, pants, and big and tall sizes. There is also a kid’s chart ranging from infant sizes to girl’s size 16 and boy’s size 20.

Tennis Bags

Tennis Bag Buying Guide
Function, style and durability are three major components when shopping for racquet bags, tennis backpacks or tennis totes. Not all bags are created equal and not all will have the features you need for the kind of game you play. Knowing what to look for when buying a tennis bag is as important as getting the right strings on your racquet.


Measuring Your Grip Size
Your tennis racquet grip size is essential to avoiding injury while playing. Too large a grip can strain your hand, and prolonged use of too small a grip can injure your hand, wrist and elbow. Grab your ruler and follow these easy instructions to ensure your racquet has the proper grip for you. Both adult and junior size grip measurement instructions are included on this page.

Tennis String

String Types
Choosing the correct tennis racquet string type is not as easy as it sounds as there are many options and factors to consider. The information provided here will ensure you make the right choice so your racket is strung properly, and that you receive the power, durability, and spin you want without sacrificing safety from injury.

String Tension
The best call when choosing string tension is to follow the manufacturer’s tension range for your particular brand of tennis racquet to obtain the spin you want, avoid tennis elbow, and for durability. Tips to achieve more or less control, more or less power, shorter shots or longer shots are all discussed here.

Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center is a plethora of information all in one place. From ATP, WTA, USTA Tennis Tour rankings, to tips on how to advance your game from Coach LaRue Cook. You will also learn how to rate yourself utilizing the NTRP rating system to classify your skill level which will help you find playing partners who more closely match your level of play. Your rating will also help you select the appropriate tennis racquet.