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How To Measure Indoor Tennis Products?

This guide will help you lay out a new indoor tennis facility and specify the dimensions and determine the quantities of backdrops and curtains you need. When you are ready, check out our step-by-step instructions for installing backdrop curtains, or our instructions for installing tennis court divider nets.

Indoor Tennis Court Measurements

Indoor Tennis Court Dimensions - General Guidelines

  1. Always start with a written layout of the facility.
  2. All dimensions must be on the layout.
  3. Take measurements and view every dimension from courtside, looking at the backdrops and walls.
  4. All walkways behind the curtains must have a specified width.
  5. Start taking dimensions from one end wall. This is usually the clubhouse end but not always.
  6. The position of divider nets between courts must be determined and marked on the layout.
  7. With cable systems, older cable must be tightened before any height measurements are taken.
  8. Cable height for backdrops and divider nets must be measured. Frequently, these are different because of construction details.
  9. All measurements of height must take into account the fasteners to be used. Example: Cissel snaps will add 1 ¾” and will affect both backdrops and divider curtains.
  10. All emergency exit doors must be identified and provision made to allow unfettered access to these doors.

Measuring indoor tennis products - fabric frame

Divider Curtains

  1. All divider nets have a natural droop that occurs between fasteners of 1” – 2” as they hang. This is normal and will allow the net to touch the floor and control balls.
  2. Measuring the required length of divider curtains needs to take into account the following:
  3. All divider curtains have a natural curving undulation as they hang and will require adding 4 ft. to the typical across-court dimensions of 120 ft.
  4. All divider curtains should be overlapped by 2 ft. at center court to allow for a convenient passage between courts.
  5. Divider curtains must be supported by vertical overhead cables at three or four points to keep them from sagging over time.

Indoor Tennis Court Dimensions - Measuring indoor tennis products - air supported structure


  1. Each backdrop should be overlapped along the length by 2 ft., except at the end. The end should be 1 ft. extra wrap-around.
  2. Each inside court is best fitted with a single curtain that is 60 ft. wide or shorter. Where it is hung depends on the location of the court entrances; it does not necessarily have to start or end at the divider nets.
  3. If the entrance to the court is through a split wing at the end of the divider net, then one curtain extending from the split wing to the next court’s split wing is the best arrangement. Allow 1 ft. of additional curtain at each wing.
  4. If a full-height door flap is used and positioned behind the baseline, then curtain sizes will be determined by where the door flap is located. Again, allow 1 ft. overlap at the door flap.
  5. If the plan calls for court entrances to be through the overlaps in the backdrop curtains, then these need to be situated away from the main frames and again overlapped by 1 ft.
  6. The point where the divider curtain will meet the backdrop can be designed in a number of ways. It can meet at 90 degrees and have an adjacent flap doorway. It can meet at a so-called California Corner that provides a corner angle in two adjacent courts. Door flaps to allow for passage are easily designed into this configuration. However, it is critical to specify every distance in this section. California Corners are usually set at 45 degrees but exact dimensions are required to insure the proper joining of backdrop and divider curtain.


  1. There are two basic types, glue-on and lace-on. Glue-on pads are vinyl covered foam with an open back. Lace-On pads are fully vinyl enclosed and secured by grommets on top and sides.
  2. A pad should protect every hard surface located behind the backdrop curtain that could cause injury by bodily collision. Each pad must be identified on the layout byt the type of pad that is appropriate.
  3. To design pads for use on poles and posts, the circumference of that pole or post must be measured. On all pads, be sure the style you select can be properly installed.

Do It Tennis offers several different Divider Nets and Backdrop Curtains from which to choose. You will find a wider selection of related products in our Tennis Court Equipment category.

If you still have questions about how to measure indoor tennis products, or have any other tennis court maintenance related questions, please don’t hesitate to call our court equipment specialist, toll free at (866) 900-3648 or return to our Buyer’s Guide page for more information.