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How to Install a Backdrop Curtain?

Proper installation of your indoor court backdrop curtains is important to the life of your investment. For help preparing for this project, check out our tips for measuring indoor tennis products, such as divider nets and backdrop curtains.

  1. Backdrops curtains can be supported by cable and turnbuckle, high-tension wire or a track system.
  2. Perimeter curtains should be a minimum of 10’ high, but may be as high as the wall. Maximum recommended length on a 10’ high piece is 60’.
  3. All curtains must meet Federal, NFPA, UL and applicable local fire code requirements.
  4. Top and side hems typically have brass grommets spaced 15” apart for hanging on cable with snaps. Bottom hems weighted with lead rope may be appropriate in certain instances and are generally recommended with lighter weight curtains.
  5. There are several choices of hanging heights for backdrop curtains. Some facilities prefer to install them so that they hang 1/2”– 2” above the court surface for a neat, finished look. Others want curtains that lay on the surface to provide better ball containment and to reduce swaying, although this may lead to wear on the curtain bottom and abrasion of the court surface. Curtains should not be permitted to lay more than 1” on the court surface.
  6. Backdrop curtains are also available in either straight corner design or with angled California corners, which can include tucks to provide easy fastening of divider curtains to backdrops.
  7. Special doorways, viewing areas and openings for heating and air conditioning vents can be customized for each location and customer preference.

Here are some pictures from facilities using divider curtains and backdrops to give you an idea of how divider curtains and backdrops appear when installed correctly.

Tennis Court Divider Curtains

This is a picture of a backdrop entry door and the divider curtain. Notice that this curtain does not touch the floor.

Divider curtain backdrop entry door

Here is another view of the same backdrop and divider curtain.

Backdrop mesh window

This is a backdrop with a mesh viewing window in place.

Backdrop with viewing window

This backdrop has a mesh viewing window that prevents objects from crossing into other courts.

California corner

This is a California Corner.

tuck assembly

A close up of the tuck assembly.

Do It Tennis offers several different Divider Nets and Backdrop Curtains from which to choose. You will find a wider selection of related products in our Tennis Court Equipment category.

If you still have questions about how to install backdrop curtains, or have any other tennis court maintenance related questions, please don’t hesitate to call our court equipment specialist, toll free at (866) 900-3648 or return to our Buyer’s Guide page for more information.