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Babolat Tennis Shoe Technology

Babolat Tennis Court Shoe Technology #FasterToTheBall

Babolat tennis shoes combine fluid movement with exceptional comfort. Backed by Michelin durability, you can count on Babolat tennis shoes to have much traction on the courts. The technology incorporated into these shoes has taken into consideration injury prevention, addressing heel cushioning and features lightweight construction. This company offers an “out of the box comfort” with a “no break in” period required. As packed with technology as their tennis rackets, Babolat tennis shoes are guaranteed to take your game to the next level.


Foot Belt
The Babolat Foot Belt technology provides tailor-made foot support for perfect Foot-Shoe Synergy. Babolat’s extensive research found that foot support breaks down into four criteria, then designed technology that responds specifically to those criteria allowing players to enjoy a custom-fit shoe.
Tailor-made fit: Two independently adjustable straps allow high-precision judgment.
Instep Support: Thanks to the powerful front strap.
Ankle Support: Thanks to the two side hoop straps.
Heel Support: Two ergonomic TPU counters at the heel create an even distribution of the pressure exerted by the back strap.

Babolat tennis shoe technology - Cell SheildCell Shield
Smaller, more densely concentrated cells on the inner part of the shoe and bigger, more spread out cells on the top provide the perfect combination of durability, breathability and comfort.

Babolat tennis shoe technology - s shield reinforced upperS-Shield Reinforced Upper
The S-Shield, high-performance upper is made with cellular material that stands up to even the toughest abrasion while providing excellent comfort. The material is reinforced with variable density depending on the zone: thicker where there’s more wear, thinner where there’s more bending, with ultrahigh performance mesh for long lasting ventilation and more natural foot flex.


Exact Pro Shoe Energizer
Since 80% of movements on the court are lateral or diagonal with propulsion on the forefoot, Babolat developed Exact Pro technology. This three-layer forefoot insert supports quick directional changes, providing a strong impulsion in the direction of change. Faster Footwork, better reaction time, and tighter more precise and efficient footwork is created by Exact tennis shoe technology.

Ergo Motion Midsole
This dual-material insole homogenizes the excessive pressure generated during lateral movements and quick shifts in direction. A softer, more resilient REVAX material on the inside provides absorbs and withstands the higher pressures of directional changes. - EVA Light on the external side keeps the shoe weight down, while still providing optimal support.
Babolat tennis shoe technology - ergo motionBabolat tennis shoe technology - ergo motion 2

Babolat tennis shoe technology - Side by SideSide 2 Side
With the Side 2 Side, Babolat goes a step further in foot protection. Thanks to a 3D fishbone surrounded by dynamic PU foam in the forefoot insert, the Side 2 Side system gives the foot even greater responsiveness, with a power boost in every step.

Ti Fit (Tennis Inside)
By watching tennis players and studying their footwork, Babolat identified the optimal distribution of interior material. The new TI-Fit (Tennis Inside) feature provides strategically positioned support (heel, instep, forefoot) for precise, sure footing and comfortable flexing and bending of the foot.

Ortholite Insoles
Ortholite Shoe Insoles are state of the art insoles with shape memory foam to provide long lasting comfort for the life of the shoe.


Babolat tennis shoe technology - Lateral Stability SystemLateral Stability System
An innovative rear-foot skeleton that combines support and stability in the heel. In order to combine support and stability without sacrificing maneuverability, Babolat designed the exclusive LSS. This “2 in 1” incorporates both the shank and the stiffener to form a genuine skeleton for the shoe. The LSS gives players vertical stability and lateral support, especially in extreme situations with sharp stopping and starting.

Babolat tennis shoe technology - Kompressor SystemKompressor system
Babolat’s patented Kompressor System provides high-performance shock absorption thanks to the TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) tube compressing system in the heel insert.

Babolat tennis shoe technology - vibrakillVibrakill Shock Absorber
Vibrakill technology is a high performance rubberized EVA insert specifically designed for tennis. It provides exceptional comfort by absorbing shocks and minimizing energy loss at the heel thanks to its dynamic properties.

Outsole and Toe

Babolat tennis shoe technology - Micheling OCS2OCS2
OCS2 gel tread, inspired rally tires allows optimum traction on all types of courts. Deviation of the axis of the outer contact of the foot about 35 degrees provides even more control slides.

Michelin Performance
Developed in collaboration with Michelin’s R & D team, and directly inspired by road rally tires, Babolat outsoles are designed to give players long-lasting, exceptional performance Michelin OCS Soles provide exceptional resistance to abrasion and better performance on different playing services. Created exclusively for the Propulse Tennis Shoes, the Michelin OCS outsoles are more durable than any other on the market. These outsoles work for Clay, Synthetic Grass and hard court surfaces.

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