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Tennis Bags Buying Guide

A tennis bag is an important component to your tennis game. Your tennis bag will store all of the essentials that you need for a long game on the court and will protect your most prized tennis racquets so you are able to play your game without worry. When shopping for a tennis bag there are a lot of things to consider before buying. Function, style and fashion are three major components when shopping for racquet bags, tennis backpacks or tennis totes.

Tennis Bag Buyers Guide - Before you choose a tennis bag, consider these things:

Not all bags are created equal and not all will have the features you need for the kind of game you play. Too much bag is as big of a mistake as too little of a bag. Evaluate your gear and shop with your needs in mind.

Tennis Bag Guidelines - How many tennis racquets will you be storing in your bag?

Tennis bags can hold anywhere from 1-2 tennis racquets at a time or up to 15 tennis racquets. If you only need to carry a couple of tennis racquets at a time, tennis totes and backpacks are a great option. If you are a tennis coach or anyone who needs more than six tennis racquets with you at all time, a 9- to 15-pack tennis bag is the practical option. If you only carry a couple of racquets, but need room for your tennis shoes and extra gear, you can go middle of the road and choose a 3-pack or 6-pack tennis bag.

How much storage do you want?

Besides how many racquets you need to store, you should think of storage for important items such as tennis shoes or clothes. Many tennis bags offer a shoe tunnel that will keep your tennis shoes away from the rest of the bag. There are some bags that have more accessory pockets than others. If this is important to you keep an eye out for more pockets inside and out that will store everything you need.

How much protection do you need for your racquets?

If you have spent good money on your tennis racquet, strings and other customizations, you will want to choose a tennis bag that can protect your investment. Look at bags that have molded shells or thermal racquet compartments to reduce damage during transport and storage.

How much durability are you looking for?

Some bags are made out of materials that are sturdier than others. Looking at material is important when searching for a durable bag.

How would you like to carry it?

Riding a motorcycle or bike to and from the court may make the decision an easy one, a tennis backpack is the only logical choice. For those who have long distances to walk to their court of choice, or those who travel for tennis, may need to consider the necessity of a wheelie tennis bag. Those who do not need to carry a lot of gear with them can probably get away with a simple racquet cover. If you will be doing a lot of traveling with your racquets, you may want a bag that is easy to carry and has the option of padded straps.

What brand would you prefer?

Your favorite racquet most likely came with a racquet cover, but now you need a full function bag to carry the rest of your gear. If you are a brand loyal customer, like so many of us, you want that name on your bag. Prince, Babolat and Head all have a wide selection of bags, from racquet covers to 12-pac MonsterCombies and totes to toiletry bags. Often the same technology used in your racquet is used in the bags that company makes. Völkl tennis bags are outfitted with as many technological innovations as their racquets.

What style are you going for?

There are many different styles and designs to choose from when choosing a racquet bag. Fashionable, ladies’ tennis bags have flooded the market. There are as many designs, patterns and colors as there are types of women. Cortiglia, Maggie Mather and 40 Love Courture are all very different in their unique features, but all identical in the fact that you will turn heads walking on the court. You may be looking for a more sleek and gender neutral tennis bag like what Wilson has to offer. The style of your tennis bag can make an important first impression on your competition. What do you want your bag to say when you walk on the court?

If you pick the right bag now, it could be the last bag you need to buy for a while. Read the reviews and watch the videos to make sure the bag you get fits the game you play.

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