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“How to” Guides for Building a Tennis Court

Tennis Court Dimensions
When building a home tennis court, it’s essential to ensure the dimensions of your court are accurate and correspond with the dimensions of an official tennis court. A detailed dimensions guideline, a list of the essentials needed to equip and maintain your home court, as well as information about purchasing tennis nets and court benches to surface coating and court coverings can all be found here.

Choosing a Tennis Net
One would think, a tennis net, is a tennis net, is a tennis net and choose a net on cost alone. However, there is much to consider when choosing the perfect tennis net for your court than cost. Choosing the right net will ensure a longer life-span for your net without it becoming an eye-sorer. Things to consider are how often you will use your court, how long you play, and the surface type of your court.

Comparing Tennis Net Features
Choosing the right tennis net for your court can be confusing and take some research. This side-by-side comparison chart of Courtmaster tennis nets will show you the differences between the Courtmaster Championship, DHS, HVY, Royale and Revolution Tidyfit. You will find detailed information about the headband, net body, weight, features, and price for each style. All the research you need is right here at your fingertips.

How to Install a Tennis Net
There is more to installing a tennis net than simply running some rope through the grommets and securing it to a couple of posts. These step-by-step instructions for internal or external wind posts, along with a detailed diagram, will walk you through the entire process from installing the lacing cord, to securing your tennis net to the posts at the proper height.

How to Install a Tennis Post
First things first; you can’t hang a tennis net without tennis posts installed with precision measurements for accurate net placement. This can be done following the three steps outlined here along with a detailed diagram to help you measure twice, install once. You will also find a helpful off-season tip for your tennis net and posts to protect them against the winter elements.

How to Install a Tennis Net Headband
Choosing the correct headband for your tennis net and installing it properly is as important as the initial installation of your tennis net. A beat up, weather battered headband will diminish the life of your tennis net and greatly affect the aesthetic of your tennis court as well. The process for replacing your tennis net headband is outlined in detail, along with assistance in choosing a polyester duck or vinyl headband.

Measuring Indoor Tennis Products
When planning to equip indoor tennis courts with backdrops, divider curtains, and pads, it’s always a good idea to begin with a written layout of your facility listing all the dimensions necessary to ensure you are purchasing the appropriate size and quantities of equipment. Sample diagrams are included as well as general guidelines, measurements, and requirements you will need to follow.

How to Install a Tennis Court Divider Curtain
Divider curtains between tennis courts provide the luxury of uninterrupted play from your neighbor’s tennis ball coming onto your court during play. Divider curtains, like tennis nets, do have installation measurements and standards for proper installation. These detailed guidelines and photos of properly installed divider curtains and backdrops will help ensure your divider curtains are installed accurately.

How to Install a Tennis Court Backdrop Curtain
Playing tennis on a windy day can wreak havoc to your game. Installing a backdrop around your court will keep you on the court on the windiest of days. Just like divider curtains and tennis nets, backdrop installation comes with its own standards and measurement specifications; all found here with photos of properly installed backdrops.

How to Choose a Tennis Windscreen
Windscreens provide a dark backdrop against which players can see better, they break up gusting winds, minimize annoying distractions, and give courts a professional appearance. This helpful guide will help you choose the right windscreen for your tennis court.

How to Install a Tennis Windscreen
Windscreens are a functional and aesthetic addition to your tennis courts. When installed properly, they can reduce environmental debris from settling on the court, improve gameplay by cutting crosswinds, and provide privacy for courts in public areas. Follow these step-by-step instructions will walk you through the process.