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Babolat Pure Wimbledon Tennis Backpack (White/Grey)

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Babolat Pure Wimbledon Tennis Backpack (White/Grey) (Model #753098-225)

The Babolat Pure Wimbledon Tennis Backpack is elegant and practical. The isothermal compartment can hold up to 3 racquets. The dedicated racquet compartment can be folded away and held in place via magnetic fastening when not in use. There’s all the room you need in the other compartments to carry clothes, a laptop and accessories. This bag is also made from color-free lining made from 100% recycled polyester.

Optimal Protection - Insulated compartment for 3 racquets and waterproof outer covering
Adaptable - This backpack transforms into the ideal solution to carry your racquets in no time
Ready to be taken to the office or school with its built-in laptop compartment

Shape Shifting - Adapt the shape and volume of the bag depending on what you need to carry
Durable Insulated Compartments - New extra durable, light, recyclable and dye-free insulated fabric to keep your racquets safe from a wide range of temperatures and thermal variations

30” x 8” x 13”

Fiber Content:
50% Recycled Polyester 40% PU 5% Virgin Polyester 5% TPE

The Babolat Pure Wimbledon Tennis Backpack is made color-free because dye-free is better for the planet.