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Lobster Elite Two Battery Ball Machine w/ Elite 10 Remote



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Lobster Elite Two Battery Ball Machine w/ Elite 10 Remote (Model #lobelite2-remote)

The Elite Two is one of the most popular portable tennis ball machines in the world. This machine is unquestionably a true work-horse with advanced features. The Elite Two can be used by all players from beginner to the most advanced player levels.

Triple-Oscillation: The Elite Two offers both random horizontal oscillation, as well as, random vertical oscillation. Horizontal oscillation, commonly referred to as “sweep” allows for random ball throws to both your forehand and backhand. Vertical oscillation allows for random ball throws at different depths. The ability for the machine to oscillate in both directions, allowing for random ball throws through the entire spectrum of the court, is referred to as “Triple-Oscillation”. This advanced oscillation movement controlled by Lobster Sports’ patented Triple-Oscillation Assembly enables the machine to simulate true match play.
Ground-Strokes to Lobs: The Elite Two is equipped to throw blistering ground strokes up to 80 mph which is unsurpassed by even top level players. The Elite Two is also able to produce incredible sky-high lobs reaching up to a 60 degree elevation. With the versatility of the Elite Two you can practice any tennis shot you can imagine.
Enhanced Spin Control: The Elite Two can produce ball throws with an intense amount of both topspin and backspin that is unequalled by any tennis ball machine in its price range. Mastering shot returns with topspin or backspin will elevate your game to the next level.
Portability: Like the rest of the Lobster portable machines the Elite Two is incredibly portable. With its 150 ball capacity reversible ball hopper, its large 8” transport wheels, and 3 foot ergonomic folding handle, the Elite Two can be easily transported to any court at anytime. With its large battery capacity the Elite Two will provide up to 4 hours of continuous court-time on a single battery charge. Needing extended court-time? The optional External AC Power Supply or External Battery Pack will keep you on the court until you reach complete exhaustion.
Elite10 (10-function remote control): This Elite Two comes with a factory installed 10-function remote control, which allows you to control ball speed, ball spin, ball feed rate, elevation up and down, ball feed on/off and random oscillation on/off from the apposing side of the net for maximum efficiency of your training session.
More features:
Oscillation: Random / Horizontal / Vertical / Horizontal + Vertical
Speed : 80-10 mph
Ball Capacity: 150
Feed Rate: 2-10 sec.
Power: Battery
Court Time 4-8 hrs.
Elevation: Electronic 0-50 deg.
Weight: 44 lbs.
Spin: Top, back
Remote: Factory Installed
Fast Charger: Optional

Warranty Policy & Coverage:

Ball Machines (not including battery & server wheels).... 2 years
Battery & Server Wheels….6 months
Accessories….1 year
Parts (purchased separately)....1 year

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