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Lobster Elite One Tennis Ball Machine

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Lobster Elite One Tennis Ball Machine (Model #EL01)

The Lobster elite one tennis ball machine is for beginner and intermediate players and is built with enhanced features. Shot-wise, these include the ability to deliver faster speeds, greater spin, and higher arcing lobs. The elite one also has multiple power options, including an upgraded battery version that provides 4-6 hours of run time.

Enjoy playing against the Lobster elite one tennis machine’s advanced features, including:
Full corner-to-corner random oscillation will help you work on your forehands and backhands.
60-degree lobs, a feature not available on any other battery-operated tennis ball machine, will help you practice your overheads.
Improve your reaction time with ball speeds up to 80 miles per hour.
Perfect your ability to return whatever comes your way with the heavy top and backspin feature.
“High Spin” is standard equipment - no need to pay extra. Lobster provides adjustable unmatched heavy top and underspin.
If you think your game could benefit from triple oscillation, which moves you throughout the entire court, find out more about the elite two Lobster tennis machine.

Custom Drills: none
Pre-loaded drills: none
Oscillation: random horizontal
2-line function: none
Spin: top and back
Ball Speed: 10-80 mph
Feed rate: 2-12 seconds
Elevation: electronic, 0-60 degrees
Ball capacity: 150
Power: battery, electric or combo
Court Time: 4-8 hrs, unlimited
Standard charger: included
Remote: optional
Premium charger: optional
Weight: 42 lbs

Choosing the Right Power Option:
Lobster Sports offers multiple power options for both at-home and for training on the go. If you practice at public courts or are always on the move, one of the elite one battery machine options is for you. We offer both the standard internal battery machine and an external battery option where the battery pack is carried separately. Along with making the machine lighter for lifting and transporting, the external battery offers the convenience of leaving your elite in your vehicle and simply bringing the battery pack inside to charge. If you have a home court or access to a court with power, the all-electric elite prevents you from ever having to charge your machine! Without an internal battery, it runs solely on the plug-in elite power pak and supplies endless training time. If you want the best of both worlds, purchase one of the battery options along with an elite power pak, which will give you the freedom to use either the battery or electricity to power your machine.

Optional Accessories:
elite 2-Function Wireless Remote Control
Premium Fast Charger
Storage Cover

Warranty Policy & Coverage:
Ball Machines (not including battery & server wheels).... 2 years
Battery & Server Wheels….6 months
Accessories….1 year
Parts (purchased separately)....1 year

The Lobster elite one tennis ball machine is made in the USA and is covered by Lobster’s 2-year warranty.

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