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Lobster Elite Grand Four Ball Machine

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Lobster Elite Grand Four Ball Machine (Model #EL04)

The Grand Four portable tennis ball machine by Lobster Sports represents the latest in tennis ball machine technology. This machine utilizes cutting-edge software technology enabling this machine to provide features and functionality not found on other tennis ball machines in the marketplace. The Grand Four is compatible with the optional Grand 20-function Wireless Remote Control.


Fully Random Oscillation: This feature incorporates both horizontal oscillation along with vertical oscillation allowing the machine to throw balls throughout the entire spectrum of the tennis court while mixing up ball speeds, ball spin, and the ball feed rate. This feature takes simulation of match play to a whole new level unsurpassed in the industry.
Pre-Programmed Court Drills: The Grand IV is equipped with (3) pre-programmed court drills simulating the types of shots most commonly played by the three main styles of tennis played today; Power Baseliner, All-Courter, and Grinder. Each court drill consists of (6) sequential shots with predetermined ball location, ball speed, and ball spin. These court drills will not only prepare your game for competition, but will also emphasize court positioning and strategy as well.
2-Line Function: This machine offers (3) positions of the 2-line function (Narrow, Medium, and Wide settings) In addition to throwing balls alternatively to two positions (forehand & backhand) you can select the depth of the ball throws or select random for varying depth.
Grand 20-function Remote Control: The Grand IV, like the other Grand Series portable machines, is compatible with the optional Grand 20-function Remote Control. The remote control allows you to gain complete control of the operation of your ball machine from the opposing side of the net. With its 20-functions you can make instantaneous changes to functions like: play/pause, oscillation sweep, fully random, 2-line, speed, feed, spin, and much more. This option may be pre-installed by the factory or by the owner after purchase.
iPhone / Android Remote Control Assembly: The Lobster grand remote app for Apple or Android consists of a factory installed wi-fi or bluetooth receiver plus the free Lobster grand remote control app available for download on the app store.
Pre-Programmed Court Drills Available With This Model:
Moonballers can be a nightmare to play against. Think of it like slow pitch softball. The high arcing pitch looks like it should be easy to hit, but it’s not! To play the moonballer, you need patience or a combination of patience and a good midcourt swinging volley to move forwards and finish the points. Try practicing both!
Also, don’t be afraid to move back and let the high bouncing ball drop to a more comfortable height.
Some of the most effective club level players are called “hackers” by their friends. Others call them “slicers and dicers!” Typically these players can slice or chop their groundstrokes, keeping the ball low and hard to return. To play a “slicer” remember to bend your knees a little lower than normal, minimize unforced errors, and be ready for a long match! These players are usually very steady and will move you all around the court.
Most players are right-handed, which can make playing a lefty a relatively uncomfortable experience. Just don’t be the player who doesn’t even realize they just played a lefty until the match is over! It’s important to know that most left-handers have strong forehands groundstrokes and strong backhand volleys. But, they often have weaker slice backhand groundstrokes and have trouble with low forehand volleys. The feeds from the machine in this sequence are designed to simulate what a lefty might throw at you!
More Features:
- Speed: 30 to 80 MPH
- Ball Capacity: 150
- Feed Rate: 2-12 Seconds
- 2-Line Function: Three positional settings; Narrow, Medium, and Wide
- Oscillation: Random Horizontal (Short, Mid, Deep); Random Vertical (Left, Middle, Right); Fully Random Horizontal & Vertical with variable Speed & Spin
- Power: Battery (Fast charger included at no charge)
- Court Time: 4-8 Hours
- Elevation: Electronic; 0-50 Degrees
- Spin: Top; Back
- Warranty: 2 Years
- Weight: 44 lbs.
- Order with confidence! The Lobster Elite Grand V Ball Machine’s 2-year warranty confirms its long-term durability.

Warranty Policy & Coverage:

Ball Machines (not including battery & server wheels).... 2 years
Battery & Server Wheels….6 months
Accessories….1 year
Parts (purchased separately)....1 year

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