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Playmate Volley Portable Ball Machine

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Playmate Volley Portable Ball Machine (Model #3266)

Playmate Volley Portable Ball Machine with variable topspin/backspin, oscillation, on/off remote, and holds 200 tennis balls. ON/OFF Remote Included!

The Playmate Volley Portable is the most durable and feature rich portable ball machine. Non-memory, maintenance-free batteries allow for frequent and convenient charging. Under most conditions, the battery will last up to 6 Hours! Aluminum construction ensures many years of service without rust and annoying breakdowns. Practice just forehands, just backhands, forehands and backhands, or setup for 3 lines to challenge groups on the go. This is the only portable capable of adjusting from a standing position all the way to the doubles alleys.

REMOTE: On / Off Remote Control

SPIN: Topspin and Backspin

OSCILLATION: Variable, 1, 2, or 3 lines

POWER: Battery

ELEVATION: Electronic

BALL CAPACITY: 200 Balls( with hopper up )

WEIGHT: 46 lbs

Smart Charger included

WARRANTY: 2 Year Limited Warranty

The VOLLEY comes loaded with all of the options.

VOLLEY features


Light-weight at 46 lbs*

2-Line Oscillator with Variable Electronic Width & Programmable Random Left OR Right

Commercial Remote Control