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Playmate Serve Lift

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Playmate Serve Lift (Model #3278)

Elevate your tennis skill-set by upgrading your tennis ball machine with the Playmate Serve Lift. This durable, dependable and player-friendly accessory lifts any Ace series into a supreme serving machine.

Sharpen your skills and drills or just spend more quality time on the court with your upgraded Playmate Serve Lift tennis ball machine. Not only can the Serve Lift help you practice and improve both left and right serve return, but it can help you get an edge over your opponent. With a regular partner, you will enjoy a well-rounded game or practice session. The lift provides the right amount of elevation to imitate a human serve, creating a realistic game environment. Face an actual serve by choosing between a straight or wide delivery and train to beat your most fearsome competitor. This device is compatible with various ball machines, including the Genie, the Smash, the Playmate PC and the Slam.


- Raises machine to service height
- Convenient compact storage
- Maximum service height - 3M ball ejection
- Minimum service height – 1M ball ejection
- Practice defensive lobs against the ball machine’s overhead
- Practice poaching by reading the ball machine’s wide or inside serve
- Safety first, stable design
- Suitable for intermediate to advanced players
- Aircraft aluminum construction

The Playmate Serve Lift will convert your basic tennis ball machine into a state-of-the-art monster serving machine. If you are serious about improving your tennis shots, specifically the serve return, this accessory is worth your dollar.

3 year limited parts warranty