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Dunlop SX 260 Team Tennis Racquet (Black/Yellow)

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Dunlop SX 260 Team Tennis Racquet (Black/Yellow) (Model #SX260TEAM)

The Dunlop SX 260 Team Tennis Racquet (Black/Yellow) has a large sweet spot and head size that translates into massive power with ideal comfort. The Dunlop SX series meets the demands of modern players, adding more spin on off-center shots to keep the ball in play. With the largest head size in the mid-range, the Dunlop SX Team 260 provides plenty of power and comfort on the court. Stay consistent on aggressive shots as the Spin Boost+ Grommets and Spin Boost String tech perfectly blend power and spin. Light, maneuverable and full of control and spin, its hard not to have fun with the Dunlop SX Team 260.

Head - 105 sq in (677 sq cm)
Length - 27.25 in (69.2 cm)
Strung weight - 9.9 oz
Beam width - 23/26/24mm
Stiffness - 66
String Pattern - 16 X 19

SPIN BOOST+ GROMMETS - The new SX model decreases the distance of where the ball lands between lower and upper impact shots. The new range also has an increased consistency from the prior design. A player can swing more aggressively without fear of the shot going out.
SONIC CORE™ MADE WITH INFINERGY® BY BASF - Infinergy® is the worlds first E-TPU (expanded thermoplastic polyurethane) developed by BASF. This super elastic material is very light providing significantly higher rebound properties compared to other foam materials such as EPP, EVA and EPE. Tests show a 46% increase in rebound height versus Dunlop’s original Sonic Core material. The Infinerg® material also has impressive damping properties and reduces vibrations by up to 37% vs a standard carbon fiber racquet.
SPIN BOOST STRING TECHNOLOGY - The string bed has been redesigned to create more even power distribution, especially towards the top of the racquet. The string grid area has been increased by 22% by making the main strings 10% wider and the cross strings 11% wider. This results in greater string movement allowing more power and spin generation. The grid area in the racquet center has been concentrated resulting in more control. These changes combine to give a sweet spot being extended to the top of the racquet and becoming 30% larger overall generating more power at the top of the racquet where it is needed for modern players.
V-Energy SHAFT - A unique V shape frame geometry in the shaft area of the racquet greatly enhances frame stability and racquet power.

The Dunlop SX 260 Team Tennis Racquet (Black/Yellow) is great for players who want a lightweight racquet that is maneuverable and a joy to play with power, comfort and spin.