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Gamma Glide Hybrid with Moto 17/16g Tennis String (Set)

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Gamma Glide Hybrid with Moto 17/16g Tennis String (Set) (Model #GMGH10)

The Gamma Glide with Moto Hybrid 17/16g Tennis String is a revolutionary cross string made of a super elastic, fluorinated polymer. The material dramatically reduces the sliding friction between cross string and main strings, delivering spin, power and comfort. Add up to an additional 300 RPMs with a single string job. Glide Hybrid and Moto provides the spin potential, power and comfort of Glide cross string with the ball bite of Gamma Moto. When combined with any other main string material, Glide Low Friction Technology will last for the life of the string unlike coatings or surface treatments that wear away over time. The high Lubricity between strings allows the main strings to slide more freely along the Glide Cross Strings upon ball impact so they can travel further and recover quicker, imparting more energy to the ball resulting in more spin, power and comfort for the player.

Snap back
Less friction between mains and crosses
Comfort and control

Glide Low Friction Technology - A patent pending string technology, not a coating or surface treatment. Gamma Glide Cross String is a monofilament string made from a proprietary, super elastic formulation of polyvinylidene fluoride engineered to provide high Lubricity (the inverse of friction).
Moto Polyester Monofilament - The Moto is part of Gamma’s Polyester Monofilament string family and these high energy co-polyester materials are manufactured with a proprietary, multistage drawing process to increase strength and minimize tension loss for maximum durability and longer play life.

For best results, string Gamma Glide Hybrid with Moto 17/16g cross string with 10% higher tension than your normal cross string.