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Har-Tru TruScore Tennis Scorekeeper

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Har-Tru TruScore Tennis Scorekeeper (Model #139-3500)

The scorekeeper rings are made from super tough nylon that is virtually unbreakable and the scorecards are made for HDPE plastic for long and durable wear.

Next card numbers make it easy to change cards by showing the number of the next card. The tiebreak bar indicates that a match has gone into a tiebreak while the “First Serve Bar” displays whether players are on or off serve and what game they’re in.

The TruScore® tennis scorekeeper has ground-breaking design that has revolutionized tennis score keeping. T

Solid Nylon Rings – are virtually unbreakable and eliminate flimsy metal rings.
Tie Break Bar – indicates players have gone into a tiebreak.
Next Card Numbers – allows players to view the next numbered card.
First Serve Bar – indicates what game players are in.
Game Cards – range from 0-9.
Easily Reset Game Cards - the nylon ring base acts a placeholder and allows game and set cards to be easily reset.
Solid Nylon Rings
High strength-to-density ratio HDPE plastic scorecards

Weight: 4 lbs.