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Head Graphene XT Radical S Tennis Racquet

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Head Graphene XT Radical S Tennis Racquet (Model #230236)

The Head Graphene XT Radical S Tennis Racquet was designed with the creative all-court player in mind. This version of the Radical series checks a lot of boxes you never knew you wanted. Thanks to the introduction of the groundbreaking Graphene XT technology, the Graphene XT Radical S now allows an even better distribution of weight from the shaft to the tip and grip, which results in more power and an improved energy transfer for a faster game. This is the ”S” version of the Radical which is slightly more forgiving for improving players. Head uses the latest computerized calculation tools to optimize the geometry of the shaft. This unique process combined with the stiffness, weight and aerodynamics produces a frame that transfers more energy to the ball giving you ultimate power and increased stability for added control.

Head Performance - Born out of revolutionizing how we ski and play tennis, Head has constantly pushed athletic equipment into the modern era. For all levels of play, Head offers nothing but the best tennis equipment on the market.
Excellent Intermediate Choice - The Radical S graphite tennis racket is an ideal choice for a wide range of mid level players. The agile racquet offers a lighter frame that will have an easy feel with a great blend of forgiveness, control, and decent power.
Head Light Balance - The adult tennis racket has a 4 pt head light balance and features Head’s Dynamic String Pattern for unmatched directional control.
Unmatched Accuracy - Tight string spacing in the contact zone gives you the control needed to work the entire box on serves. Keep your opponent on their toes with every shot.

Graphene XT - Graphenext technology is the next stage of the revolutionary graphene technology. Thanks to the improved stronger material structure of Graphene XT, Head has now made its racquets up to 20% lighter compared to the conventional racquet with equivalent swing weight. This technology re-enginnered the application of the world’s strongest and lightest material to make the Graphene XT racquets 30% stronger providing an optimized weight distribution for a faster swing and more power.

Born out of engineering a better way to ski and play tennis, Head has used the most modern techniques available to improve athletic equipment for decades. Now, Head has turned that same vision and attention to detail to all racquet sports to bring you nothing but quality sports equipment & workout apparel available.