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The Pickle Champion - Portable Pickleball Machine by Lobster

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The Pickle Champion - Portable Pickleball Machine by Lobster (Model #ELOP3)

The Pickle Champion - Portable Pickleball Machine by Lobster is their most advanced portable pickleball machine offering with top-of-the-line features. The preloaded court drills on the Pickle Champion come equipped with six preloaded six-shot drills: Around the Clock, Defend the Banger, Drive the Kitchen, Flying Erne, Greenlight Red Light; Stop, Drop and Live. These drills change up ball speed, shot type, and spin while moving the player around the court. The Digital Control Panel is similar to the Elite Grand tennis ball machines series in that the Pickle Champion features a digital control panel. The touch button control panel includes an LCD screen which allows users to view all menu selections settings. Lobster’s unparalleled technology allows fully random oscillation so that the machine can throw balls randomly throughout the entire court mixing up bold speed spin and trajectory.

The style has been upgraded with gray hubcaps and a deluxe comfort handle grip. The expanded two-line oscillation, where the ball is delivered to two alternating preset spots on the court, features two positional settings narrow and wide.

Oscillation: Radom horizontal, random vertical, fully random horizontal and vertical
Two Line Function: 2 Settings, narrow or wide
Programmed Drills: 6
Ball Speed: 20 to 65 mph
Ball Capacity: 135
Feed Rate: 2 to 9 seconds
Power: Battery, External battery
Court Time: 4 – 6 hours
Elevation: electronic, 0-60 degrees
Weight: 44 lbs
Spin: top, back
Remote Control: Optional
Premium Charger: Optional
Warranty: 2 Years

The Pickle Champion - Portable Pickleball Machine by Lobster optional accessories include the grand remote and the grand remote for Apple for iPhone iPod and Apple Watch.