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Pickleball Court Build Package

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Pickleball Court Build Package (Model #PBPKG-CB)

This pickleball court build package provides the primary materials needed to prepare an existing concrete or asphalt surface for installation of the pickleball court equipment, also provided with this package, once the surface is prepared. The resurfacing material provided is for an asphalt surface or a concrete slab with AT LEAST a 15 millimeter vapor barrier. It cannot be applied on just a plain concrete slab.

• All concrete slabs MUST have AT LEAST a 15 millimeter vapor barrier. Otherwise the court surfacing material will crack. Seller and Manufacturer ARE NOT responsible for any failed surface material that is not built on asphalt or on concrete without the 15 millimeter vapor barrier.

• It is STRONGLY suggested you hire a contractor to apply the court surfacing product and to install the posts and nets.

• Do it Tennis does NOT have installation services for this product.

This package includes the basic elements you need to get your new court up and running, on a budget. Pickleball courts are ideal for small spaces requiring less space than traditional tennis courts. We have provided the products necessary for homeowners to build courts in their driveways and backyards and have seen athletic directors renovate aging tennis courts into high-demand pickleball courts. We have supported recreation planners as they break fresh ground. Let us help you!

Premium Pickleball Package includes (follow links for pictures and details):

1 x Galvanized Sleeves For 3” Pickleball Posts
1 x Edwards 3” Class Round Pickleball Posts, Color: Black or Green
1 x Edwards 36” H x 22’ L Pickleball Net
1 x Heavy Duty Pipe Anchor to hold center strap
1 x Center Strap Double Ended

And the following Coating Materials:
5 x NovaSurface 5 Gallon Pails (resurfacer you mix with sand and apply prior to application of acrylic color. Sand not included in package.)
8 x NovaPlay Pickleball 5-Gallon Pails (color applied after resurfacing) Choose from 12 Inbound (5 gal) and Outbound (3 gal) surface colors when ordering.
1 x Nova NovaTex Textured Tennis Court Line Paint 1 Gallon Pail
1 x Nova Tennis Court Surfacing Application Squeegee.

PLEASE INDICATE Paint Color Choices for Inbound and Outbound NovaPlay surface paint when ordering (8 gallons total):
Blue, Stadium Blue, Brown, Burgundy, Sand Dune, Classic Green, Grass Green, Nova Green, Grey, Red, Terra Cotta and Canadian Violet.

Whether you are building a new home court, repurposing a public space, or adding to your HOA amenities, pickleball is an increasingly popular sport that offers exercise, engagement, and excitement to a wide range of ages and athletic abilities

Click Here For Pickleball Net Post Installation Instructions.