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Sports Tutor Polyball Tutor AC Model

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Sports Tutor Polyball Tutor AC Model (Model #stpbtac)

Polyball Tutor pitches baseball-size plastic polyballs you can hit with a regular bat, so the hand-eye coordination is the same as hitting baseballs. It is ideal for indoor use in gymnasiums and basements, as well as backyards.
Polyball Tutor actually accelerates hitting improvement because with polyballs there is no fear of getting hit. Players learn to “hang-in” instead of “bail-out” against tough pitches.

Challenging and Versatile- Polyball Tutor’s variable pitching speed up to 60 MPH will challenge hitters at all levels. And by moving it closer to the batter you can safely simulate speeds up to 90 MPH.

Exclusive Curve Control- Polyball Tutor’s exclusive curve control lets you adjust pitches quickly. A simple turn of the dial lets you select a straight fastball, a mildly breaking slider, or a sharply breaking curveball. Portability Polyball Tutor’s tripod legs detach in seconds for easy transport. And it weighs less than 28 pounds, so almost any player can carry it.

Automatic Ball Feeder (Optional)- Polyball Tutor is available with an integrated automatic ball feeder that holds up to 40 balls and automatically pitches at six second intervals so you don’t need a coach to feed balls.

Power Supply allows continuous operation from an AC outlet.

Warranty: Polyball Tutor is backed by a one year warranty covering both parts and labor. Extended warranties available.

Pitch Speed- 20 to 60 MPH
Pitching Interval- 6 seconds
Ball capacity (with extended hopper)- 40 balls
Dimensions- 16’L x 11’W x 17’H
Height with Tripod- 5.5’ or 3.5’
Weight (AC model)- 25 pounds