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Sports Tutor StrikeOne Pitching Machine (Baseball)

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Sports Tutor StrikeOne Pitching Machine (Baseball) (Model #stsobb)

StrikeOne is truly portable not just because of its small size and built in carrying handles, but because it can be operated from an optional battery pack so you can truly play anywhere. The baseball model throws real baseballs and Reduced Injury Factor (RIF) balls used in many youth leagues, as well as dimple balls. This makes it a valuable tool for youth league practice, and ideal for machine pitch leagues. It throws fastballs at speeds from 20 MPH to 60 MPH. The digital control panel digitally displays push-button selectable pitch speed in 5 MPH increments. The smart display blinks if StrikeOne is not ready to throw the selected pitch, and remains solid when it is ready to pitch.

(Optional) If you play on a field without electric power StrikeOne’s DC capability means you won’t need a noisy generator. Just plug in the optional External Heavy Duty (HD) Battery pack and pitch for over four hours before recharging. The External HD batter pack comes complete with its own internal battery charger that fully recharges the battery overnight.

Warranty: StrikeOne is backed by a one year warranty covering both parts and labor. Extended warranties available.

Type of balls- Standard or Low Seam Baseballs, Dimple of RIF Baseballs
Pitch Speed- 20 to 60 MPH
Ball Exit Height- 50’ above ground
Dimensions - 54’H x 14’W x 18’D
Weight- 65 pounds
Power- 115V standard grounded outlet or optional 12 VDC battery pack